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Most distributor partners of AMMEX count disposable gloves as only a small percentage of their overall business. That figure is between 2% and 5%, depending on which industry they’re servicing.

That may not seem like much emphasis. But in truth, success is less about how much significance you attach to the percentage of gloves in your overall catalog. What really matters is market penetration and the percentage of overall glove spend you’ve captured within your customer base, says Corey Townsell, vice president of sales at AMMEX.

AMMEX utilizes its Sales Acceleration Solution (SAS), which has a proven track record of helping distributors expand their bottom line by selling more gloves, to help grow that figure.

The SAS offers a number of tools to help our partners compete for and win business. It enables distributors to market disposable gloves to their customers and help them choose the right glove for the job.

Our Glove Finder is a great place to start. You can filter AMMEX’s offerings by materials, mil thickness, and industry. As long as you ask the right questions of your customers about their glove needs, that can make choosing easier by narrowing the field.

The tools you need to succeed

The SAS program also includes training videos to supplement sales reps’ glove knowledge, makes ample use of our second-to-none customer service, and incorporates marketing support that features custom flyers, charts, and messaging with your branded elements and digital assets.

One important goal of SAS is to create awareness that you should offer gloves to your customers in less than 60 seconds after initiating the conversation. That keeps the process fast and takes little focus away from your other core items.

It also emphasizes effective use of glove samples, which is key to closing even more sales. Nothing beats letting customers try before they buy. Offer two or three gloves as potential solutions. Have the buyer try on the gloves. Then use that moment to overcome any objections before asking for the sale.

Where do your customers buy gloves?

Then there is market penetration. Determining the right figure considers how many of a distributor’s customers should be buying gloves. We begin with the assumption that between 60% and 80% of any distributor’s customers are likely buying gloves in some capacity. How many of your customers are buying from you?

AMMEX’s veteran sales reps are all trained in the use of our proprietary Market Penetration Calculator, which can assist in developing the right strategy for increasing glove sales.

Visit our Sales Support page today, or check in with your sales rep. Or log into your account at our Online Portal to learn more, check inventory, and place an order.

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