The Secret to Raised Diamond Texture’s Success

Gloveworks Industrial Orange Nitrile gloves being used with tools

Raised Diamond Texture (RDT) has raised the bar across the disposable glove industry. When your customers want the best gripping power on the market, they should reach first for Gloveworks Industrial Nitrile Gloves with RDT.

End-users love them for their strength, durability, and barrier protection. Distributors love them for their excellent margins—and because once their customers experience Gloveworks RDT, they don’t want to use anything else.

David B., an AMMEX distributor partner based in Texas, knows that experience well. It has helped his business prosper—after all, happy customers keep coming back for more.

“I tell you what. Once you wear them, and you realize your hands are in better shape than they were when you didn’t wear them, you never go back,” he says. “It’s just a gift that keeps giving. It’s a win for everybody.”

RDT is our most aggressive texture, with 60 percent more surface area. The diamonds create channels that allow liquids to pass through easily, preventing them from interfering with work. Even when the gloves are wet you can hold on tight, especially important when using tools.

These are the gloves that last

Available in 8-mil, high-visibility orange and green as well as 6-mil black and royal blue, Gloveworks RDT gloves provide excellent barrier protection from grease, oil, solvents, cleaning solutions, and specialty chemicals, especially petroleum-based products.

Even with all of its many other attributes—strength, durability, fit and feel, chemical and puncture resistance, comfort—its top selling point remains its grip. The best way for a distributor to demonstrate the advantages of RDT is with glove samples: Hand them out in person, watch as the customer tries on a glove, and put a hammer or wrench or screwdriver in their hand.

Positive reaction in 3 … 2 … 1

The desired effect is immediate. They know right away that this is a glove they will keep coming back to.

“The Gloveworks orange is just a great glove,” says David D., a distributor partner at a trucking supply group in Florida. “I’ll give it to you guys, you got a hell of a product. My customers will take the orange or the green. They don’t really care about the color, but they do need the texturing and the thickness.”

Another benefit of RDT is increased airflow. The diamonds create a reversed texture on the inside of the glove, which allows more air to circulate and keeps hands drier. Then consider that nitrile is nearly as elastic as latex and conforms to the contour of the hand for a fit that reduces fatigue while enhancing tactile sensitivity, and it’s a total comfort package that’s hard to beat.

So you want to sell RDT gloves?

Great choice. It’s really quite easy—as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Identify which of your customers are already using thicker industrial disposable gloves. If they use, say, 3-mil nitrile or vinyl for food service or jan/san, they might not be ready to step up to 8-mil RDT. But users of 5- or 6-mil nitrile? Heck, yeah!
  2. Order samples. You can get them free of charge at our Online Portal. They are the quickest way to win over a customer—nothing beats the tactile experience.
  3. Ask them for their business. The third step is not just a formality but an essential part of the process.

Any industry from agriculture to painting, automotive to jan/san, can benefit from having RDT gloves on hand. Questions? Contact your AMMEX sales rep or log into your account at our Online Portal. 

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