Product Samples Are a Key Component to Closing Glove Deals

Gloveworks Industrial Orange Nitrile Gloves come in sample packs.

The AMMEX Online Portal is much more than just a convenient way to order disposable gloves. It also offers resources to help you manage your business, content to engage and connect with your customers, and training materials for your team to sell more gloves.

The Sales Support page contains such valuable tools as a glove sizing chart, chemical resistance chart, glove chart and glove flyer templates, top product flyers—and in an exciting development, glove samples.

For years an important component of selling more gloves, samples have made the jump from our analog sales kit to the digital realm. They are easily accessible: Once you have logged in to your account, click on Sales Support, navigate to the Sample Request page, select the quantity (up to two) of the products that you’d like to sample, and then click Request Sample.

If the product you’re looking to sample is not there, contact your sales rep to initiate a request. If you aren’t sure who your sales rep is, email or call Customer Service (1-800-274-7354). We will be adding more gloves to sample in the near future, and we are interested in your feedback as to which samples you want us to offer.

Take them for a ‘test drive’

Letting your customers try before they buy is at the heart of the sample program. There is no greater selling device than putting the product into—or, in this case, onto—the hands of the customer.

Glove sales are, of course, tactile by their very nature. Once people interact with a glove, they are substantially more likely to purchase it. You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it, would you? When the glove is on their hands, they know right away whether it works for them.

Samples are quick and easy. Whether you are making the deal in person or guiding the customer over the phone, the time investment in this interaction should not take longer than two minutes—but can generate the types of decisions that lead to long-term relationships. Your customers will be able to examine the materials, sizing, fit, and other features to get the perfect gloves the first time they buy.

It’s just good economics

Other advantages include that you needn’t take gloves from your inventory to serve as test subjects, which means you can keep boxes at a pristine glove count, and you can try out a new product without having to commit to a large order.

Letting your customers try before they buy will deliver 50% more sales. Combine samples with sales flyers and basic glove knowledge, and any sales rep is bound to be successful.

In the end, doing the math is easy: Samples Equal Sales.

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