Black Light-Duty Nitrile Becoming More Popular Post-Pandemic

A waiter prepares a plate while wearing light-duty black nitrile gloves from AMMEX.

If you’re a distributor, you should be stocking light-duty black nitrile gloves in abundance.

Why? They’re hot. End users want a glove that doesn’t show dirt and grime. They also want to look as professional as possible, which makes black the glove color of choice across countless industries.

Whether they work in food service, jan/san, quick lube, beauty & salon, or dozens of other applications, customers want a glove with high dexterity, excellent comfort, and barrier protection they can count on. A glove with great visibility for spotting tears or punctures. Thicker gloves are preferred for heavy-duty jobs, of course, but having a lightweight nitrile available makes a workforce more versatile (and a glove budget more flexible).

From 2020 to 2022, all nitrile was scarce thanks to market pressures created by the pandemic. It was a matter of “take what you can get—but don’t expect too much.” In the post-COVID market, now that people can exercise choice, lightweight black nitrile is selling like gangbusters.

How’s your nitrile supply holding up?

As the market began its recovery, not everybody was prepared; many distributors had to scramble to catch up and got caught short on black nitrile. If you haven’t ordered yours six to nine months in advance, you might be in the same predicament.

How to rectify that? Have a conversation with your customers; understand what they need. Discuss which light-duty nitrile is right for them.

We recommend X3 Industrial Black Nitrile Gloves (BX3), which deliver performance you might expect from thicker gloves—but at 3 mils thick are excellent for short-duration use and frequent glove changes. Popular in finer restaurants for front-of-the-house use—where they add class to the proceedings—they are also great in the kitchen, from chefs to those intrepid souls who bus tables.

Janitorial operations are another excellent sales target. Those who clean and sanitize our environments need protection from cleaning solutions and common chemicals. And black 3-mil nitrile is growing in popularity among salon workers, too—especially the “edgy” ones who appreciate how cool black looks.

Industrial blue is, like, so yesterday

X3 Industrial Blue Nitrile Gloves (X3) have been the light-duty standard for many years—but blue has, fairly or not, become permanently linked with the medical industry. There’s also the simple fact that it is much more likely to show dirt than its counterpart. Outside of the clinical setting, black is dominating.

With the use of gloves continually growing among industrial users, light-duty black has really taken off. Sales have grown exponentially in the post-pandemic market.

Are you ready to grab hold of serious market share? AMMEX’s programs have consistently delivered double-digit growth for our partners.

It’s about more than just fashion

People want to look professional. That means, hands down, the industrial glove of choice is black.

Contact your AMMEX sales rep to learn how we can outfit your sales team to win big in the market with competitive pricing, high-quality products, and a sample program to drive sales and profitability. Ready to buy? Log into the AMMEX online portal to check pricing and place an order.

In the end, the distributor with the most black gloves will come out on top.

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