Opportunity for Distributors Abounds in Today’s Disposable Glove Market

Glove formers hang on the factory production line.

The disposable glove market is in a vastly different position from the last couple of years. Yes, it’s still dynamic and unpredictable, but opportunities for glove distributors are everywhere.

The first two years of the pandemic caused havoc for everybody, and the glove market was certainly no exception. A global surge in demand for gloves sent manufacturers scrambling to keep up. The resulting fallout from being unable to deliver needed product pushed every manufacturer to increase production capacity. That led to ample supply coming online in the second half of 2022.

Industry observers point out that COVID-19 has increased demand for industrial disposable gloves. From restaurants to museums, daycare centers to janitorial services, awareness of health, hygiene, and safety keeps growing, which boosts overall demand. Surveys show that most U.S. businesses use disposable gloves.

There’s gold in them there gloves

The resulting distribution opportunities are not a secret; if your business needs gloves, you will have no issues procuring them. Because of this sudden abundance, many glove distributors find themselves in a challenging competitive situation in the post-pandemic market. As such, when operating at scale, it’s essential to secure reliable and redundant resources so you can respond to customers’ needs with service, flexibility, and speed.

The pandemic is an event whose impact will last beyond one or two years. While 2020 and 2021 were volatile for the disposable glove market, the following two to three years will likely be less dramatic but just as important and impactful.

We’re already seeing this. Volatile energy prices, cost of raw materials and transportation, and labor challenges—paired with ample capacity—are creating a new normal in the glove industry. These dynamics result in every business within the glove market ecosystem questioning their process and business models.

Lower prices—but for how long?

The increase in production capacity has led to a drop in prices at the factory level. However, this “normalization” is likely to be relatively short, as other costs and market conditions will lead to some type of equilibrium, possibly through consolidation. At the same time, overall disposable glove market growth is likely to continue.

As you work with clients and understand their needs, now is a great time to educate them on the market dynamics and qualify your opportunities. Can you provide a consistent supply of a product your clients want? Do you have redundant sources? Do you have visibility into your supply chain regarding quality inspections and compliance?

Your clients are more likely to ask these questions with ample product availability in the market. AMMEX can help you provide the right answers. Contact your sales rep and get the tools you need to build your glove business for the future.

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