Industrial Nitrile Gloves in Stock at AMMEX Despite Global Shortage

Gloveworks Black Nitrile Industrial Gloves (GPNB) are latex-free and powder-free.

Fifteen months into the coronavirus pandemic, disposable glove distributors and their customers keep coming back to the same question: When can we get more nitrile gloves?

The answer for the most part remains the same: We don’t know for certain. What we do know, though, is that we have a healthy inventory of Gloveworks Black Nitrile Industrial Gloves.

Nitrile is still in extremely high demand and short supply. Manufacturers in Malaysia, hamstrung by a lockdown that has led to movement control orders and limits on capacity, are months behind on their production schedules. A deficit in labor is expected to cause continuing challenges for months to come.

Supply chain is still a problem

Numerous factors are crippling supply chains, from backed-up shipping routes to clogged ports on both sides of the Pacific to scarce and wildly expensive shipping containers. It’s not just disposable gloves impacted by supply issues, either. Just about any product you can name that has to be shipped across an ocean is causing consternation in its respective market.

Gloveworks Black Nitrile Industrial Gloves (GPNB) from AMMEXAMMEX has more nitrile gloves on the way this summer, arriving probably by August and certainly by September. The uncertainty surrounding supply chains is a very real thing, which is why we can’t commit to a hard and fast date.

Grab this nitrile while you can

That’s why this opportunity to secure Gloveworks Black Nitrile for your customers now is one to be seized. These gloves, among our most popular for nearly a decade, are an excellent choice for countless industrial applications, especially those involving tools and machinery.

The perfect combination of strength, dexterity, and comfort, they have three times the puncture resistance of latex. At 5 mils thick, they offer strong protection against common and specialty chemicals including petroleum-based products. Designed for professionals, they are popular for industrial uses from automotive to sanitation to food service to safety.

As mentioned in last week’s post, we also have a good amount of exam-grade nitrile gloves available: AMMEX Professional Blue Nitrile Gloves, Indigo Nitrile Gloves, Black Nitrile Gloves, and Blue Nitrile Gloves.

Combine that with Gloveworks Black Nitrile Industrial, and AMMEX is poised to get you and your nitrile-loving customers through the uncertain summer ahead.

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