Exam-Grade Nitrile Gloves a Great Fit for Industrial Jobs

Black nitrile gloves from AMMEX Professional can do double duty in industrial or medical applications.

Exam-grade nitrile is the glove material of the moment.

Anyone hoping for a steady stream of nitrile gloves this summer had better expect obstacles. Supply chains are still backed up, which increases the number of backorders. Malaysia’s ongoing coronavirus crisis is putting the country in near total lockdown, causing labor shortages and severely limiting production.

If your customers need nitrile gloves right now, AMMEX Professional’s line of exam-grade disposable gloves is a welcome solution.

If your first thought is, “Yeah, exam-grade gloves are awesome for taking care of patients, but are they suited for industrial use?,” it would not be an uncommon reaction.

The right glove for the job, every time

When you need dependable protection for any number of non-medical applications, our exam-grade nitrile gloves will exceed your expectations time and again.

It’s true that these gloves deliver fantastic comfort, fit, feel, and tactile sensitivity. Of course they guard against bodily fluids, bloodborne pathogens, and environmental contaminants. But they also provide excellent barrier protection against a wide array of chemicals (download our chart for a complete list).

We’re talking serious comfort

The highly elastic nitrile material, once it reaches body temperature, conforms to the natural contour of your hand. The gloves provide a fit and feel rivaling that of latex, without triggering latex sensitivities. The textured surface enhances grip, which makes working with tools easier.

Available in black and indigo as well as industry-standard blue, these gloves enhance your ability to perform any task. From healthcare to tattoo, public safety to food processing, janitorial to light industrial, AMMEX Professional has you covered.

AMMEX Professional Blue Nitrile Gloves (ACNPF) provide dependable 3-mil barrier protection and top-notch comfort for countless industrial jobs as well as healthcare-related tasks. A terrific choice for working with food, they can help prevent cross-contamination.

AMMEX Professional Indigo Nitrile Gloves (AINPF) deliver safety and comfort. Their fit and feel rivals latex, without triggering latex sensitivities. Durable and resistant to rips and tears. Powder free and latex free. The micro-roughened surface enhances grip.

AMMEX Professional Black Nitrile Gloves (ABNPF) resist punctures, rips, and tears better than comparable latex or vinyl gloves. At 3 mils thick, they feature excellent fit, feel, comfort, and tactile sensitivity. Black color looks professional and commands attention.

AMMEX Professional Blue Nitrile Gloves (APFN) deliver excellent barrier protection against pathogens and contaminants. They resist punctures, rips, and tears better than latex or vinyl gloves. Latex free, powder free. Popular with healthcare professionals and more.

Don’t spend the summer waiting

Remember: The No. 1 consideration with disposable gloves is safety. You must feel your hands are protected. But a very close No. 2 is comfort: If the gloves don’t feel good, you might be less likely to wear them.

It may be a long summer waiting for shipments of nitrile gloves to arrive. Now is the time to take advantage of AMMEX’s on-hand inventory and secure these gloves for your customers. Log into your account to view available inventory and pricing, and to place an order. 

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