Grow Your Glove Business With Sales Tools in Our Online Portal

AMMEX's Online Portal offers a number of sales support tools.

Looking for sales tools that can give your glove distribution business a boost? Our Online Portal can help.

Once you log into your account, get started by clicking on Your Product Toolkit, then choose Product Info Hub. There you can choose among data and specification sheets as well as download print-quality product images, guides, catalogs, and our Chemical Resistance Chart, invaluable for choosing the right glove for the job.

Next, navigate to the Sales Support section. You can choose from glove size chart, customizable glove chart templates, customizable glove flyer templates, and our top product flyers. Being able to customize these assets mean you have control over what you show.

There are more features to help you manage your business. Buy Again allows you to see your entire order history. You can then choose an individual order, and if you want to repeat that, one click will put everything from that order into the cart.

Because it automatically adds the entire previous order, you must go into the cart and delete any items you do not wish to repeat. If you normally buy six cases of GWON and three cases of GPNB—but this time you need only three and two—be sure to edit your cart.

In a hurry? Give Fast Order a try

The Fast Order option is great if you know the SKU of the product you want. Need GPX3? Enter that SKU, click quantity, then add to cart. It’s super easy once you get comfortable with our product codes—you won’t need to go hunting around through the description pages.

Using the Drop Ship feature, you can ship directly to anyone in your address book. Just add their customer info and click to drop ship. (Maintaining an up-to-date address book is, of course, always advisable.)

Maybe the most important thing you can do on the Online Portal is ordering samples.

Never forget: Samples = sales

When it comes to disposable gloves, samples equal sales. Nothing beats the tactile experience of trying on a glove you’re considering buying. You can send them to yourself to hand out in person—always the best way to share samples, because you can be there to immediately ask for the sale—or anyone in your address book.

There are currently five glove samples available on the Portal: Gloveworks Industrial Black Nitrile (GPNB), plus all four of the Raised Diamond Texture suite: 6-mil royal blue and black, and 8-mil orange and green. More gloves are coming soon, so stay tuned.

The Portal is also where you can apply for Net30 terms, which is now easier than ever. We’ve partnered with Resolve to provide no-cost Net 30 terms, higher spending limits, and an easy way to track and pay your invoices online.

An easy path to Net30 terms

It’s simple to get started. Click here and provide basic business information: location, time in business, annual revenue, and business credit (no personal credit info required). The one-time setup will take less than 2 minutes and can be completed by the accounts payable contact for your business.

You will be asked to agree to terms from Resolve and confirm the accounts payable contact’s email address. You will get a response within 24 hours along with access to credit and invoicing at no cost available in your AMMEX portal account.

The Online Portal is packed with features that make it easier for you to grow your glove business. Questions? Talk with your AMMEX sales rep.

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