Black Nitrile: The Right Glove for You. And You. And You. And You …

Gloveworks Black Nitrile Gloves (GPNB) are popular in automotive uses.

Gloveworks Industrial Black Nitrile Gloves (GPNB) are the disposable glove world’s jack-of-all-trades. If your customers need a job done, their first and most important ally should be GPNB.

These black, professional-looking gloves are a star performer and welcome addition to any distributor’s product lineup. After well over a decade, they are still among AMMEX’s most popular gloves.

At 5 mils, GPNB features three times the puncture resistance of latex and excellent protection against both common and specialty chemicals, especially those that are petroleum based. Noticeably stronger and more durable than standard 3-mil nitrile gloves, they are designed for professionals, especially for automotive, industrial, and manufacturing use.

A glove for all seasons (and jobs)

What might surprise folks who’ve used them to change a gasket or buff out a quarter panel is that they also are a great fit for jan/san operations. And food processing. And safety. And machine shop. And countless other jobs.

What we’re saying, of course, is that GPNB—50% thicker than standard nitrile, with nearly the fit & feel, comfort, and tactile sensitivity of latex—is super versatile.

You might say they deliver the Goldilocks experience: thick, but not too thick; tough and durable, but not too expensive; with a fit and feel that’s “just right.”

A surefire winner with a strong record

As a medium-duty glove, GPNB has since its inception sold exceptionally well to auto repair shops. The gloves stand up to oil, grease, gasoline, brake fluid, and other hazardous chemicals, so users appreciate the durability (and fewer glove changes).

If you have customers in a food-processing facility, where gloves are likely to be worn longer while being exposed to demanding conditions, GPNB are the perfect companion. They can stand up to the rigors of a production line and even do double-duty for servicing the equipment.

Same with jan/san jobs that require handling hazardous materials or human waste. It’s not worth taking a chance on employee health by supplying them with thinner gloves.

Gloves that go the distance

There’s also the factor of endurance. Some of our distributor partners say customers’ custodians can wear a glove for three or four hours straight, so it’s important to have the best fit and comfort possible.

And with workers across the country still returning to the office, commercial cleaning will play an even greater role in ensuring that workplaces have the best possible hygiene and safety—all the more reason to make sure cleaning crews are properly equipped.

GPNB is also a fantastic transitional glove. If you have customers using lightweight 3-mil gloves, like X3 Black Nitrile (BX3) and X3 Blue Nitrile (X3), who may be thinking about upgrading to a heavy-duty premium product, GPNB is the next logical step.

RDT: A goal worth aspiring to

It can help customers get a taste for thicker nitrile before you can ease them into Gloveworks with Raised Diamond Texture (RDT): 6-mil in black and royal blue, or for the ultimate performance, 8-mil orange and green.

Selling Gloveworks with RDT is a goal worth aspiring to—the margins are excellent and the customer satisfaction is high. But GPNB also delivers the margins distributors crave and the products that end users want and need.

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