Glove Allocations Are No More: Order Nitrile, Vinyl, or Latex Today

AMMEX's online portal makes ordering disposable gloves easier than ever.

On June 1, AMMEX ended the practice of glove allocations. We made our entire inventory equally available to all distributor partners on a first-come, first-served basis.

Allocations had grown out of supply shortages created by the coronavirus, which wreaked havoc on the disposable glove market for more than a year.

Getting rid of allocations has received a lot of positive feedback. Customers are responding that they were happy to no longer have to log in on the first day of the month to grab whatever percentage of allocation they could get before it was gone.

Spread the word: Freedom to order

What we have noticed during the most recent survey of our partners, however, is that some did not get the message.  about the end of allocations and think they are still in effect. Others have been confused by the advent of our updated system, which coincides with changes we are making to our ordering portal.

The way it works now:

Instead of an allocation page in the online portal, you can find gloves to order on the Available Inventory page. From there you can add products to your cart and place your order.

When shopping, you will be able to see which products are “in stock” and which are “temporarily out of stock.” Items not currently available can be ordered, but will be placed on backorder. Backordered items are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, so the sooner you get in line, the sooner you will get your products.

Need to find pricing? Locate it under the Manage Your Business section of the portal.

We’re here to help you sell gloves

With COVID-19 an ongoing threat and variants continuing to spread, the global supply chain will present disposable glove distributors with challenges for some time. That may mean shortages will crop up occasionally and wait times may be extended.

We continue to devote tremendous effort to ensuring you get the gloves your customers need. It will take a while for the market to find equilibrium. We are in this for the long haul, and hope you are too.

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