Face Masks, Gloves Will Feature Prominently for Return to School

Last of three parts

The nation’s schools are just about to reopen, with students heading back to the classroom for the first time in nearly 18 months.

Despite ongoing concerns about the coronavirus and its potentially deadlier variants, public opinion so far seems strongly in favor of in-person instruction.

Any reopenings do not come without controversy, however.

The American Academy of Pediatrics, while calling for in-person learning to resume fully, also released new COVID-19 guidance for schools reopening this fall. The group, comprised of 67,000 pediatricians, is recommending that everyone over age 2 wear face masks, even if they are vaccinated against the virus.

This came soon after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had relaxed its guidance and said that vaccinated teachers and students do not need to wear masks in school buildings, but unvaccinated students and staff should continue to wear them.

New guidelines throw everyone for a loop

Then everything changed again.

Last week the CDC reversed itself and recommended that vaccinated Americans wear masks indoors in public places. The agency also called for universal wearing of masks in K-12 schools, by teachers, staff, students, and visitors. The outrage was predictably loud.

Experts predict another coronavirus surge in August. It’s clear that wars over masks (and vaccinations) will continue for some time. Distributors of PPE would be wise to keep face masks in their inventory for the foreseeable future.

The ‘new normal’ likely to involve PPE

Local school districts, and especially day care centers, will have an ongoing need for PPE. Employees like custodians, cafeteria workers, security personnel, mechanics, and even bus drivers will need gloves regularly. Enhanced cleaning protocols will continue.

Nitrile would be the top recommended glove material for such uses. With the highest resistance to chemicals, especially cleaning solutions and petroleum-based substances, nitrile gloves are suited for a wide variety of applications.

This is a good time to feature nitrile gloves among your product line. After being in short supply for more than a year due to factors associated with the pandemic, nitrile gloves are making a comeback in terms of availability.

Black nitrile has all your needs covered

Gloveworks Black Nitrile Industrial Gloves, which at 5 mils thick are durable and dependable for uses involving tools and machinery, are an excellent solution. They always look professional, they conceal dirt and grime, and they’re strong and comfortable.

X3 Blue Nitrile and Black Nitrile industrial gloves, both 3 mils thick, are designed for light- to medium-duty tasks. They are perfect for food-related work, and both blue and black are available in 2,000-count cases.

An alternative to nitrile, especially for jan/san and cafeteria work, is vinyl. AMMEX sells 12 varieties of vinyl gloves, including Gloveworks Black Synthetic Vinyl and Blue Synthetic Vinyl. They blend synthetic rubber elastomers with vinyl polymers to create an industrial glove that delivers higher elasticity, comfort, and excellent tensile strength.

With COVID-19 continuing to spread and variants such as Delta straining research resources, the pandemic is far from over. PPE will continue to be in high demand, especially as our nation’s schools reopen.

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