Face Masks Will Still Be Relevant This Fall and Beyond

Disposable face masks will still be relevant for a while.

Second of three parts.

On May 13, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that people vaccinated against the coronavirus are safe to go without face masks in most cases. That set off a round of debate: Should we abandon all mask mandates? Is the CDC crazy, especially with the Delta variant spreading?

About six weeks later, the World Health Organization urged even fully vaccinated people to continue wearing masks and practicing COVID-19 safety measures such as social distancing. The debate raged on.

How should distributors of PPE approach this? Considering the uncertainty ahead, we urge everyone to prepare thoroughly. In addition to keeping a strong and varied inventory of disposable gloves, it is in your best interests to keep face masks on hand. The need for them is not going away.

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It’s quite possible that with the continued spread of the Delta variant—and other variants about which we still have a lot to learn, like Lambda—we will see a wider return to mask mandates.

Masks make a comeback in L.A.

In July, Los Angeles County officials announced that masks would be required, once again, in indoor public settings. It was an setback for L.A. residents, who lived with stringent pandemic restrictions for more than a year. But case rates have been climbing at an alarming pace, and there are millions of residents who have yet to be vaccinated.

Then there is Texas, where Gov. Greg Abbott reiterated last week that schoolchildren will not have mask requirements when they return to the classroom. Las Vegas will not require masks for tourists.

The U.S. is likely to become a mishmash of heavily localized laws with federal mandates interspersed. Despite some lawmakers calling for an end to the mask mandate for travel, the CDC is sticking to its guns concerning masks on planes, trains, and buses.

Pandemic is a long way from controlled

With virus variants wreaking havoc across the globe, large outbreaks are happening from Japan and Australia to Indonesia and South Africa, forcing countries to reimpose stringent restrictions on social activity.

What are the lessons here? The coronavirus is far from over. The risk of infection remains higher for those who are unvaccinated. And ditching all of your face mask inventory is premature. It’s actually a good time to stash away a few cases.

As long as there remains sizable resistance to vaccinations, we are likely to see a prolonged spread of COVID-19. Distributors would be wise to keep their face mask (and glove) inventories well stocked.

Next week: Face masks in re-opening schools are already a major issue.

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