Why Work With AMMEX? It’s in Your Best Interest

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We often have conversations about this question with customers and partners, and while the precise answer may vary, we aim to keep it simple: We help our customers buy the right disposable glove for the job. And we effectively reduce risk with expert services and tools.

Since the company’s founding in 1988—yes, in March we’re coming up on 35 years in business—we’ve been helping our clients with all aspects of global procurement, supply chain, and operations to ensure quality and efficiency in the single-use glove market.

Specifically, we do this by creating tools and services for our partners, building global teams, and improving work safety and operations through disposable hand protection.

The key strategic areas

Due to the unique nature and challenges of needing to procure disposable gloves a half a world away (because 90% of them are made in SE Asia), we focus on helping our customers in several key strategic areas:

Service and support: Our Sales and Account Services teams directly engage with our clients.

Quality: Our boots-on-the-ground teams provide 100% inspections that ensure consistency and compliance with specifications.

Redundancy: Over the years, we have multi-sourced from hundreds factories and invest heavily in on-the-ground relationships to ensure product availability.

Compliance: We are committed to meeting and exceeding compliance standards.

Reliability: Most of the time we place orders with factories many months in advance. Why? Because we must have a reliable supply. Consistency on lead times, product availability, and operations enable us to better serve our clients.

Flexibility and speed: The disposable glove business is dynamic, with many variables and risks. We help protect our clients by making quick, on-demand adjustments to market conditions and customer needs.

Your partner in success

In sum, we strategically aim to support clients as a reliable partner with a complete product lineup, redundant sourcing, consistent quality, predictable logistics, and outstanding service.

On a pragmatic and tactical level, AMMEX consistently develops tools to help distributors more easily market disposable gloves to their customers, thus growing their sales. These include training videos to help supplement your sales reps’ glove knowledge, plus a host of other marketing assets on our Sales Support pages: sizing and chemical charts, flyers, templates, images, and more.

Then there is our glove samples program, which puts individually packaged and specifically sized gloves on the hands of customers, allowing them to try before they buy. Our results show that samples can increase glove sales by as much as 50 percent.

Help from the glove experts

Disposable gloves are an inherently risky business. It is relatively simple to source a container or two from Asia. However, it is much more challenging to do that at scale, across multiple products, for thousands of clients.

We strongly believe that we make sourcing disposable gloves easier and reduce risk for our clients with our expert dedication to efficient and ethical sourcing, outstanding logistics and operations, and commitment to compliance and quality.

AMMEX is committed to helping clients consistently and reliably buy the right disposable gloves. Contact your sales rep or Customer Service today—you can also call 1-800-274-7354—to learn how we can grow your glove sales.

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