Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide – Including Checklist

Every year spring rolls around and we all know it’s the best time of year to make our homes clean and organized. But sometimes it’s incredibly hard to get started! We all begin with lofty ambitions but life can frequently get in the way of completing those spring cleaning goals. To stay on track, we have crafted the Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide to get you started.


Gather Your Cleaning Supplies

There is nothing more demotivating than beginning a large cleaning project and finding out you don’t have all of the necessary supplies. Before you begin your first binge-cleaning weekend of April or May, stop by your favorite store Friday evening to pick up all of the products you will need. Here are some supplies that are absolutely necessary to complete your deep-cleaning projects:

Disposable gloves are especially important before putting yourself into direct contact with harsh chemicals and strange pink shower stains! Add AMMEX products to your janitorial and sanitation lineup.


Build Your Checklist

Once you have gathered your supplies, it’s time to determine what you would like to accomplish this spring cleaning season. While it’s best to build your own checklist based off of your particular lifestyle and home size, you can find great inspiration from checklists online. Here is our spring cleaning checklist to give you a head start:

Learn What to Throw Away

When determining what to keep and what to purge during your spring cleaning frenzy, start by asking yourself some questions about each item you’re thinking about tossing. If you are struggling, as yourself why you are hesitant to get rid of the item. Here are some questions to get you started:

  • Have you used this item in the past 6 months? (Past year for seasonal items.)
    • If the answer is no, it’s time to donate it or throw it away!
  • Are you worried about wasting money?
  • Does the item hold sentimental value?
  • Are you imagining you may find a use for it in the future?

This process can be extremely challenging if you tend to collect a lot of objects and have a hard time letting go of them. Just try to be honest and fairly strict with yourself. If you are holding onto the same item for years because you believe you’ll need it in the future… chances are you’re just hoarding it! If you haven’t needed it thus far, what makes you think you’ll need it in the next 12 months?


Protect Yourself

Cleaning chemicals can be extremely harsh on your body. It is important to understand which products pose more danger than others. Check out EWG’s “Hall of Shame” of toxic household cleaners to learn what to avoid during your cleaning supplies shopping trip.

However, no matter which brands you choose to use during your deep cleaning frenzy, make sure to protect your skin from harmful chemicals with disposable gloves. Even if a product markets itself as “green” or “safe,” it is important to read all labels for fine print. Many chemicals recommend or require disposable gloves and/or facemasks directly on the bottle. Additionally, some chemicals can have extremely dangerous effects if combined! Doing research before using products congruently is absolutely crucial for keeping your family safe while you spring clean.

Finally: Enjoy!

Sometimes it is hard to find motivation to deep clean the way you want to. Just remember: the rewards are worth all of the hard work! Beginning a new season of warm weather activities and fun will be that much more enjoyable once you feel that your home is organized and clean. Don’t let clutter and buildup clog your ability to relax this spring and summer!


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