How to: Remove Pet Hair from Clothing and Furniture

Most pet owners love their furry friends but may not be as fond of the hair the animals leave behind on fabric. Pet hair clings to furniture and clothing. If guests are visiting for a dinner party, a hair-covered couch does not present the most inviting space, especially if someone has allergies. Pet hair is also a hassle when it sticks to work clothing, since it’s not very professional to show up to work wearing your cat!

While peel-away lint rollers are a common solution to this problem, there are other options. First of all, lint rollers have a few down-sides. If your furry companion used your fresh-pressed black slacks as a bed this morning while you were getting ready, the damage may be too severe for traditional lint-rollers. You may find yourself in a cycle of rolling and peeling away sheet after sheet of paper only to realize that you are now going to be late for work! Additionally, if you are trying to de-fur an entire couch, you may go through several disposable rolls of paper before finally completing the task. What a waste! Before you pull your own hair out trying to solve this common problem, here is an alternative solution:


The Disposable Glove Method

A better option for clothing and upholstery is the disposable glove method for removing pet hair. Gloves that are textured in the fingers and palm are even more effective. If you keep a box of latex or nitrile gloves under your kitchen sink, all you have to do is grab one, put it on your dominant hand, and very lightly dampen it. Then, run it over your furry pants or sofa cushion. The pet hair should just roll off into your hand! With this method, it’s easy to get all of your kitty’s fur off of your slacks and still make it to work on time. And since it only takes one glove for this method, there is much less waste than if you were peeling sheet after sheet off of a lint roller. 


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