Synthetic Hybrid Vinyl Is an Excellent Alternative, Especially for Food Service

Peeling an orange while wearing Gloveworks Industrial Black Synthetic Hybrid Vinyl Gloves.

Are your customers looking to save money while still getting good performance from their disposable gloves?

Synthetic hybrid vinyl may be the solution. A big hit in food service, these gloves are also a great fit for jan/san, painting, beauty & salon, and light industrial applications.

With better fit and feel than standard vinyl, and at a better price point than nitrile, they can reduce hand fatigue, important in an industry like food service where gloves are worn nearly all the time.

Black gloves are always in style

The top recommendation is Gloveworks Industrial Black Synthetic Vinyl Gloves (product code: GWBKQV). In disposable gloves, black is the hottest color for looking cool—and professional. High-end restaurants will want these gloves for front-of-the-house use, and they also are a great fit in the kitchen (and with the cleanup crew).

One of AMMEX’s distributor partners, who sells to food service clients in central Ohio, was alerted to GWBKQV by her sales rep, whom she called “one of the most diligent customer service reps we’ve had. She follows up with me very well. To be honest, it was only because of her continuing to follow up that I even switched to synthetic vinyl. When I took her suggestion, it really increased our floor sales.”

When COVID-19 hit in spring of 2020, available gloves, especially nitrile, were snapped up quickly. In many cases, smaller distributors soon found themselves lacking the clout they needed to secure orders large enough to satisfy their customers.

A price that’s nice for everybody

“Our customers were used to the nitrile gloves,” our partner says. “I had to buy nitrile through another source, but then I couldn’t get those—and then I could get them, but the price was just totally stupid. The synthetic vinyl was priced better than what they used to pay for nitrile, so they were happy.”

The material in GWBKQV blends synthetic rubber elastomers with vinyl polymers to create a soft, supple industrial glove with high elasticity and comfort. These are versatile, 3-mil gloves for lightweight tasks from food service and processing to salon & beauty to janitorial, and lots more.

Their fit and feel mimics that of latex, but they will not aggravate sensitivity to natural rubber. The gloves are powder free to avoid residue. As glove shortages linger and prices continue to fluctuate, synthetic vinyl is a great value.

A place where family matters

“This is a family business. We’re like third generation,” our Ohio partner says. “My grandpa started it in 1954. My parents are in their mid-70s, and they both still work every day.”

In their small Midwestern town, providing customers with great service is of utmost importance. Black synthetic vinyl gloves from Gloveworks helped local restaurants fill a need during tough times—and continue to do so.

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