No-Cost Net Terms Available for Distributors in the AMMEX Portal

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Would Net 30 terms from AMMEX make it easier for your business to buy and sell gloves?  It is now easier than ever in the AMMEX portal. We’ve partnered with Resolve to provide no-cost Net 30 terms, higher spending limits, and an easy way to track and pay your invoices online.

Getting started is simple. Click here and provide basic business information: location, time in business, annual revenue, and business credit (no personal credit info is required). The simple one-time setup will take less than 2 minutes. The accounts payable contact for your business can complete it.

You will be asked to agree to simple terms from Resolve and confirm the accounts payable contact’s email address. You will get a response within 24 hours along with access to credit and invoicing at no cost available in your AMMEX portal account.  Don’t have a portal account?  Log in or sign up now.

Here is what happens once you’re approved

  1. You will be able to select Resolve as a payment method when checking out your shopping cart on the AMMEX Online Portal.
  2. You will be directed to the Resolve login page to log in and confirm payment to AMMEX through Resolve.
  3. Once confirmed, you will be directed back to the AMMEX Portal to complete the purchase.

Working with Resolve is a true win/win. Credit-card paying customers get net terms and invoices as a feature in the portal, increasing buying power and payment options (check, ACH, wire, credit card). For AMMEX, it speeds up credit approval processes and helps manage payments and accounting.

Some FAQs about Resolve and AMMEX

Why should I apply today?

Increase your buying power—no need to use your existing credit lines to buy gloves, as Resolve may provide you with a higher spending limit. With an average 24-hour turnaround, if approved, you will have quick access to credit in the AMMEX portal. Sign up in advance—no matter if your next purchase is tomorrow or next month, applying and getting approval sets you up so that when you’re ready to place your next order, it is there for you.

I am not the right person to apply for credit for my company. What should I do?

No problem—simply mention this to the correct person at your organization.

How does Resolve help my business?

  • Get more ways to pay our invoices: ACH, wire, check, or credit card.
  • Increase your buying power—no need to use your existing credit lines to buy gloves.
  • Resolve offers an optional online payments portal where you can access all invoices, your current credit line, and make payments online.
  • Gain improved visibility of your credit line, invoices, and automated reminders.

“Customers have consistently asked us to expand their buying power and access to credit terms—to provide easy-to-use payment options in the AMMEX portal,” says Andre Chernih, Chief Marketing Officer at AMMEX.  “Resolve helps our customers achieve this in a few simple steps.”

Questions? Talk with your AMMEX sales rep or download this overview of features and benefits.

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