New Synthetic Products Add Versatility to AMMEX’s Disposable Glove Line

Gloveworks Blue Vinyl disposable gloves from AMMEX are made of synthetic stretch vinyl.

AMMEX is offering several new blended vinyl and poly disposable gloves that provide excellent alternatives to nitrile and latex.

We’ve noted it before, and we note it again: Today’s market for disposable gloves is, in a word, difficult.

All gloves are in short supply, but nitrile and latex are especially so—and expensive to boot. With no relief expected in 2020 and likely not before late 2021, end users need to consider alternatives.

Here are a few suggestions for new products that are definitely worth a tryout. Check with your AMMEX sales representative about pricing and availability.

Gloveworks Blue Vinyl

It’s hard to beat nitrile disposable gloves for comfort, but Gloveworks Blue Vinyl gloves (product code: GWQIV) give them a strong run for the money. They have the fit and feel of nitrile, yet they’re made of synthetic stretch vinyl, a latex-free blend of elastomers and PVC with excellent tensile strength—all at a terrific price point.

Their Nutouch Hybrid Technology combines advanced synthetic elastomer and vinyl polymer materials to create a soft, supple, and elastic glove with unique shape memory.

The gloves reduce hand strain while featuring tactile sensitivity suited to delicate work. At 3 mils thick, they provide dependable barrier protection for light- to medium-duty tasks. Latex free, so they won’t aggravate sensitivities to natural rubber latex, and powder free to avoid messy residue.

Try them for food service and processing, janitorial and sanitation, nail & beauty, plumbing, and lots more. During this time of COVID-19, with gloves in high demand, they are a great buy, sold 100 gloves per box, 10 boxes per case, in sizes small to XL.

X3 White Stretch Hybrid Poly disposable gloves from AMMEX are tailor-made for working with food.

White Stretch Hybrid Poly

In today’s market, nitrile and latex gloves can be expensive as well as difficult to come by. Finding a basic lightweight glove can be a really exciting discovery.

If you need both versatility and value, try X3 White Stretch Hybrid Poly Gloves (product code: TEX3) from AMMEX. More form-fitting than regular polyethylene, they deliver good comfort while remaining loose enough to make frequent glove changes easy.

Great for restaurants, salon & beauty, janitorial, painting, auto detailing, and more, they’re both latex free and powder free. An economical choice for food-service operations, they offer real value for businesses that must be extra-conscious of the bottom line.

They’re sold 200 per box—which means you’ll restock less frequently—in sizes small through XL.

AMMEX Stretch Synthetic Blue Vinyl Exam Gloves offer great comfort for medical use.

Stretch Synthetic Blue Vinyl Exam

The days of latex gloves being the standard in healthcare have largely passed. With the attention rightfully being paid to latex allergies, general medical users need alternatives.

At AMMEX, we prescribe Stretch Synthetic Blue Vinyl Exam Gloves (product code: VSBPF). This economical option offers a high degree of comfort, yet will not aggravate latex sensitivities.

These are durable, form-fitting, flexible gloves that can help reduce hand strain and fatigue while also providing a high degree of tactile sensitivity. In healthcare environments, you need excellent barrier protection against contaminants and bloodborne pathogens—and these powder-free gloves deliver.

They have myriad applications for doctors, nurses, dentists, dental hygienists, and in home caregiver environments. They’re available in sizes from S-XL, 100 gloves per box, 10 boxes per case.

These are only a few of the new gloves AMMEX will be introducing in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more on synthetic vinyl and nitrile gloves coming your way.

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