New Disposable Gloves Are Reasons to Cheer the New Year

New disposable gloves are good news for the start of 2021. AMMEX is offering four new gloves—two made of nitrile, one of vinyl, and one of synthetic hybrid vinyl—that fit a variety of applications.

We are almost a month into the new year. Gloves are still in short supply, especially nitrile and latex. We do expect nitrile availability to improve a bit by spring, but the market will be touch and go for a while.

Here is some good news: New gloves are either here, or on the way soon. Three are industrial grade and one is exam grade, and all are worth a tryout. Check with your sales representative about pricing and availability.

X3 Blue Nitrile Industrial Gloves (NX3): Today’s disposable glove market is shifting toward lighter-weight gloves to fit a wide variety of needs. A great example of a versatile glove is the X3 Blue Nitrile (pictured above).

At 3 mils thick, they deliver dependable barrier protection while featuring the excellent fit, feel, tactile sensitivity, and comfort that you expect from nitrile gloves—and, of course, they do it all without aggravating sensitivities to natural rubber.

Choose these gloves for all manner of light-industrial needs: restaurants, salon & beauty, janitorial, painting, auto detailing, and more. They’re powder-free to prevent messy residue that can get in the way of a perfect finish.

These may not be heavy-duty gloves, but they get the job done.

Gloveworks Black Vinyl Industrial Gloves (IVBKPF): These gloves are a revelation: Instead of being clear like most vinyl gloves, they come in non-translucent black. That both gives them a professional look and means they conceal dirt and grime.

At 3 mils thick, they are perfect for tasks from food service to janitorial to salon & beauty to light industrial. High-class restaurants will want them for front-of-the-house use among wait and bussing staff. Auto detailers will love them for making vehicles sparkle, and everyone from bartenders to sandwich makers will find them invaluable.

They have a loose, comfortable fit and a smooth texture. Because they are latex-free, they won’t aggravate natural rubber allergies, and being powder-free, there is no residue.

Black vinyl has the makings of a hot trend just waiting to take off.

Gloveworks Blue Synthetic Vinyl Industrial Gloves (QIV): Welcome to a new era in disposable gloves: Synthetic vinyl is an awesome, latex-free blend of elastomers and PVC. This material combines advanced synthetic rubber with vinyl polymers to create an exceptionally soft, supple, and elastic glove with unique shape memory.

Although these gloves come at a price point one would expect from vinyl, they have superior fit, feel, and tactile sensitivity as well as enhanced protection against common chemicals and cleaning solutions. At 3 mils thick, they are suited for food service, janitorial & sanitation, salon & beauty, painting, and more lightweight applications. Latex-free and powder-free.

AMMEX Professional Blue Nitrile Exam Gloves (ACNPF): The first line of defense for healthcare pros, these 3-mil gloves deliver dependable barrier protection against bodily fluids, bloodborne pathogens, and environmental contaminants.

The puncture-resistant, highly elastic premium nitrile also protects against most common chemicals and cleaning solutions. Once it reaches body temperature, it conforms to the hand for comfort that rivals latex, without triggering sensitivities to natural rubber.

The gloves feature high tactile sensitivity for working with tools and medical implements, while textured fingertips and a micro-roughened surface enhance grip. Popular with doctors, nurses, lab technicians, dentists, and dental hygienists, they are also a great fit for numerous non-medical applications from food preparation to janitorial and sanitation to light industrial.

Stay tuned for more about new gloves in the coming weeks.

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