New AMMEX App – Carry Our Catalog Everywhere!

At AMMEX, we’re dedicated to helping our customers grow their glove sales. We stand behind our wholesale distributors with premium products, outstanding service, competitive prices, and proven marketing support.

The newest addition to that toolkit of support is our free AMMEX App, now available for Android at Google Play and for iOS at Apple’s App Store.

For sales reps, this is a game changer—an invaluable tool that puts the entirety of the AMMEX catalog at your fingertips.

Among its features are:

Product specs. From mil thickness to texture, material to color, have immediate access to essential data on all AMMEX gloves and personal protective equipment.

Recommendations by industry. Not sure which glove fits best with a specific job? We make it easy for you. For applications from automotive to food service, janitorial to medical, AMMEX has the gloves you need.

Handy chemical resistance chart. Learn whether nitrile, latex, or vinyl gloves are best suited for the chemicals you work with. (Hint: Nitrile is the right material for petroleum-based chemicals.)

Glove sizing chart. Finding the correct size for disposable gloves can be challenging. This chart makes it easy so you won’t be frustrated by gloves that are too big or too small.

Training videos. Give your sales team the knowledge they need to talk about AMMEX gloves like an expert! Narrated by senior sales manager Corey Townsell, one of our top salespeople, these videos can make the difference in closing a big sale.

We know it takes more than a product to be profitable, that is one of the reasons we build long-lasting relationships with our distributors. After all, AMMEX distributors grow their glove sales by an average of 31%.

Here are four key reasons to become a distributor with AMMEX:

Superior Quality. Since 1988, we have perfected the quality-control process while still offering a price point that will keep your disposable glove customers coming back for more. This includes ISO-certified facilities, third-party control and auditing, pre- and post-shipment quality inspections, and internal guidelines and that greatly exceed industry standards.

Competitive Prices. Selling a commodity can be challenging, but AMMEX has the tools to help our distributors succeed. We know you need to be competitive, but there is more than just price: You need selection and availability, along with proven sales support. AMMEX’s global supply chain is optimized to provide competitive prices, industry-leading fill rates, and superior order accuracy.

Outstanding Supply. Our distribution centers, sourcing and procurement offices, and quality-control facilities are strategically placed not only throughout North America but China as well. In addition to China, we have offices in Malaysia and the Philippines. The AMMEX global presence and our exacting attention to detail are the reasons we deliver 99.6% fill rates, with 99.8% order accuracy.

Outstanding Service. The service and support we provide our distributors is simply the best! Whether it’s our “Go to Market” sales strategy to support clients’ glove growth or our innovative marketing programs customized for your business, it all comes down to one thing: AMMEX helps you sell more gloves!

Our Sales Acceleration Solution® delivers a wide array of marketing and sales tools to help you reach a broader client base and substantially raise your bottom line—a toolkit now accentuated by our new AMMEX App!

For jobs from automotive to food service, janitorial to medical, AMMEX has the gloves you need. Contact us today about becoming a wholesale distributor!

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AMMEX helps you sell more gloves!

AMMEX is  the premier importer and vendor of high quality disposable gloves and other barrier protection products. Our focus is to support wholesale distributors with top-quality products and proven marketing support to grow their glove sales.

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