Janitorial, Sanitation Jobs Demand Better Hand Protection

A jan/san worker operates a sprayer while wearing black nitrile gloves.

The push is on to return workers to offices across the country. Both commercial and government entities are exerting pressure to persuade currently remote employees to come in from the field, at least three days a week and in many cases full-time.

That puts janitorial and sanitation workers in the spotlight once again. Offices that have sat vacant since the pandemic first spread in 2020 again will have to be regularly cleaned and sanitized.

AMMEX has been helping to protect jan/san workers for most of our history. In the beginning we sold them latex gloves, because those were predominant at the time. In the ’90s along came vinyl, a great match: gloves at a terrific price point that fit perfectly with the practice of frequent glove changes.

Vinyl still has plenty of fans

We still sell lots of vinyl gloves to vendors who service jan/san accounts, primarily X3 Clear Vinyl (GPX3). They are well-suited for most requisite tasks and protect against cleaning solutions as well as keeping a barrier between hands and germs.

Vinyl gloves are the workhorses of the disposable glove world. They may not be sexy, but they get the job done. Their loose fit and propensity for easy-on, easy-off glove changes are definitely appreciated. If your jan/san customers are cost conscious above all, vinyl should be your first recommendation.

The last few years, however, have seen a trend in a different direction: nitrile. More expensive (but not substantially) than vinyl, they offer much better protection and comfort.

Vacuuming while wearing nitrile gloves.

AMMEX’s most popular nitrile gloves for jan/san are X3 Black Nitrile (BX3) and X3 Blue Nitrile (X3). At 3 mils they are the same thickness as vinyl gloves, but nitrile protects better against rips, tears, punctures, and chemicals. Their fit is snug but comfortable; they are also more durable than vinyl. Of importance to vendors is that nitrile gloves carry generally higher margins.

There are other nitrile options as well for tasks that require a bit more protection. The Gloveworks Black Nitrile (GPNB) is one of our most popular gloves for use across the industrial spectrum. At 5 mils it is a bit thicker for stronger barrier protection yet still features the same fit, feel, dexterity, and comfort as its 3-mil cousins.

Diamonds are a worker’s best friend

For the most challenging tasks, such as handling potentially hazardous materials or extra-strong cleaning solutions, we recommend Gloveworks Nitrile with Raised Diamond Texture, in orange, green, black, or royal blue. These are also favorites for automotive and other heavy-duty applications—and you will as well enjoy premium margins.

This is a good time for the disposable glove market. Prices are down because of excess inventory that must be sold off, and availability is plentiful. If a business needs gloves, there will be no issues procuring them. Because of this, many glove distributors will find themselves in a challenging competitive situation.

As such, it’s essential to secure reliable and redundant resources so you can respond to customers’ needs with service, flexibility, and speed. This is where AMMEX truly excels, with 100% product inspections, a 99% fill rate for top products, and a commitment to compliance and ethical sourcing.

Moving forward, jan/san operations will be a major need. AMMEX can help you fill it.

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