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No matter the primary industries that constitute your customer base, you can always extend your influence further thanks to the versatility of Gloveworks® HD Nitrile Gloves with raised diamond texture.

These premium, latex-free disposable gloves can be used in countless tough applications, yet they still boast the dexterity of lighter-weight gloves. This dexterity is also enhanced by their texture, which provides a stronger grip as the innovative texture channels away liquids.

The best disposable gloves protect a user’s hands from harsh chemicals and solvents on the job. Criteria are based on for what duration and in which tasks the gloves will be used. In truth, worker compliance in using personal protective equipment is just as dependent on comfort as it is on protection. If a glove does not provide the right fit, feel, or grip, workers will often remove it, exposing them to hazards.

Try the gloves with more to offer

Gloveworks HD Nitrile Gloves are available in high-visibility orange and green (8 mils thick), as well as black and royal blue (6 mils). The gloves will hold up against punctures and abrasions without sacrificing comfort, touch, or tactile sensitivity. With three times the puncture resistance of latex, they are perfect for industrial, automotive, chemical, painting, janitorial, sanitation, manufacturing, and plumbing applications

When it comes to disposable gloves, opportunities to expand your sales base are everywhere. Demand for disposable gloves is growing, and distributors would be wise to accommodate that demand. Disposable gloves are an easy add-on sale—for any chemicals your customers buy, it’s likely that glove use is required. Adding gloves can increase such sales metrics as average dollar sale and units per transaction, as well as bottom-line profits.

The most obvious target for disposable glove sales is auto repair and body shops. The liquids common to  cars—radiator coolant, motor oil, battery acid, and brake, power steering, and transmission fluids, among others—are toxic. So are the chemicals that most shops use for mixing and applying paint. Not wearing gloves leaves technicians’ hands exposed to potential hand injuries.

Food safety always of critical importance

Another market with strong sales potential is food production. People who work in that industry know how important maintaining proper hygiene is, and disposable gloves are central to that effort.

Gloveworks HD royal blue nitrile are designed with food preparation in mind. The color really stands out, an important feature when working with food. If a tiny bit of glove should become detached, you want to find it before it ends up in the product—of particular concern when working with seafood.

The gloves are resistant to punctures, tears, rips, and abrasions, and stand up to the rigors of a production line while providing excellent barrier protection against grease, cleaning solutions, and a long list of specialty chemicals.

Put your best gloves forward

Nitrile is also a popular material in the janitorial and sanitation industry. Nitrile gloves provide superior chemical resistance and stand up to harmful solvents such as 38 percent concentrated hydrochloric acid, 2-butoxyethanol, and sodium hypochlorite. As always, perform on-site chemical resistance testing of any glove before use.

Whatever the application, Gloveworks HD Nitrile orange and green gloves are a worker’s best friend in dimly lit environments. The colors are easy to see even in areas like garages or industrial workplaces. It’s a helpful warning to those around you that says, “Be careful! I’m working here!”

All of the Gloveworks HD gloves are incredibly comfortable. As body heat warms them, they conform closely to the contour of the hand for a better fit. They are also chlorinated for easy donning. The chlorination process makes them softer and more supple.

There’s money in Gloveworks HD Nitrile

The safety glove market is estimated at $2 billion annually and is continuing to grow. Evidence suggests that the opportunity will only continue to grow and that the glove market could triple by 2023.

Distributors, AMMEX can help you grow your glove sales—and your profits—with our proven, no-risk sales and marketing systemContact us today to learn more!

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