Gloveworks Black Nitrile Has You Covered From Garage to Farm

Gloveworks Black Nitrile Disposable Gloves

Of all the gloves AMMEX offers, Gloveworks Black Nitrile Industrial Gloves (product code: GPNB) are at the top of the list for versatility and dependability.

These durable, 5-mil disposables are in a sweet spot of thickness and dexterity. They offer an excellent barrier against chemicals and cleaning solutions, especially those made from petroleum. The gloves protect against bacteria and environmental contaminants. They feature three times the puncture resistance of latex gloves with fit, feel, and comfort to rival natural rubber (and without aggravating latex allergies).

Auto mechanics swear by them. They’re popular with jan/san crews, especially in the current COVID-19 era with its hyperawareness of sanitization. Those in food processing feel more protected against cross-contamination when Gloveworks is on the job with them. (Check out this video to learn more.)

Nitrile is king down on the farm

Nitrile gloves also play an essential role in farming operations, and GPNB is a favorite among agricultural workers. Hundreds of on-farm tasks are performed either with a durable nitrile shell or with leather work gloves worn over nitrile disposables.

Cow on a dairy farm.

Farms are incredibly complex business to operate, of course, for reasons from balancing technology and nature, to fickle market conditions, to maintaining clean environments. Dairy farming is especially so; those who milk cows for a living know that they must be pristine about cleanliness if they are to achieve a top-quality product.

Dairy farmers will tell you that gloves are an inexpensive prevention tool for a high-cost problem. Studies have shown that bacteria levels are 75% lower on used gloves than on bare hands, while wearing gloves also reduces the spread of both contagious and environmental bacteria by 50%.

Sell us nitrile gloves only, please

One AMMEX partner, a distributor in Michigan whose only customers are dairy farms, says that his customers insist on nitrile gloves. Some are larger operations of several thousand cows, while others have only a few hundred.

The glove of choice?

“We’ve had a lot of success with GPNB,” he says. “That was comparable to the glove we had been getting from our dairy supplier. I didn’t even know AMMEX existed until about a year ago, but when I started looking at the information that was sent to me, I realized there were some real cost savings to be had with AMMEX.”

Whether your customers are working in garages, sanitizing high-traffic areas, or performing any number of tasks down on the farm, they will be happier and more productive given the right glove for the job.

It’s all about the teamwork

When you work with AMMEX, you’ll get the sales and marketing support you need when it comes to selling gloves. Our goal is to maximize your selling opportunities. You can take advantage of our sales tools that include product training videos, guides to selling gloves, and more.

If you have ordered these gloves in the past, you may remember they were sold under the GlovePlus brand. As part of our initiative to realign our brands and simplify packaging, this year GlovePlus was absorbed into the Gloveworks brand. These are still the same great gloves you know and trust!

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