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Gloveworks Industrial Royal Blue Nitrile Gloves with Raised Diamond Texture

The disposable glove market is still on the mend. Recovery from the supply shortages brought on by the pandemic—as well as higher prices for most gloves, especially nitrile—has been a long time coming.

For nearly two years, distributors have had to take what they could get from manufacturers. That often meant vinyl and thinner nitrile gloves made up the bulk of shipments, which left end-users pining for heavy-duty nitrile and distributors scrambling to find acceptable substitutes.

With 2022 now fully under way, we can report that glove supplies have greatly improved. Our Gloveworks brand with Raised Diamond Texture is back in stock and selling well across the industrial spectrum, from automotive to industrial to jan/san to food processing, as well as plenty of other applications.

The gloves your customers want

The 8-mil versions in orange and green, as well as the 6-mil in black and royal blue, deliver terrific protection against chemicals and cleaning solutions. They’re durable and provide excellent fit, feel, and resistance to punctures. For distributors, they generate the kind of ROI that is impossible to ignore.

At AMMEX, our objective is to be highly competitive on inventory and pricing. We strive to keep our distributor partners engaged with us on the gloves we stock and the pricing levels we maintain.

For 2022, we are in the best position for gloves in stock that we have experienced in nearly two years. If you visit the Online Portal, you can view available inventory, see your glove pricing, access marketing materials, and place glove orders.

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Overall, we strive to provide great value to our customers, with first-rate products at competitive prices. If, as you evaluate your glove needs, you find our pricing to be not aligned to your business objectives, talk with your sales rep. We want your feedback.

We can provide you with glove samples and marketing tools to get more products and solutions in front of your clients. Value has always been central to our relationships with our distributor partners. We will work with you to find the right glove for the job, every time.

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