Easily Manage Your AMMEX Account With Our Online Portal

AMMEX's Online Portal is your one-stop shop for everything you need to manage your disposable glove distribution business.

During these volatile times of COVID-19, inventory and pricing levels for disposable gloves are changing frequently. AMMEX has set up a faster, easier way for you to view your monthly glove allocation and pricing.

Our updated Online Portal helps distributors take control of their disposable glove business. Whether you need to order gloves, determine how much inventory you’ve been allocated, or discover pricing levels, the Portal is your one-stop shop for all things AMMEX.

You have access not only to your allocation, pricing, and order tracking, but also to such sales tools as glove specification and data sheets, guides to selling gloves, sizing and chemical charts, and more. It’s a powerful, easy-to-use tool that can make managing your distribution network a lot more efficient.

Once users log in, they are presented with three initial pathways: Place An Order, Your Product Toolkit, and Manage Your Business. Each pathway takes users to resources and tools that can help them run their business.

You can place your order for disposable gloves at AMMEX's Online Portal.

Place Your Order

Users can place an order for disposable gloves, as well as other products including work gloves, protective coverings, hygiene products, and other supplies.

Use Your Product Toolkit to manage your disposable glove distribution business at AMMEX's Online Portal.

Your Product Toolkit

Users will find an abundance of product information including data sheets, images, training videos, logos, icons, and in-use images, which many partners find useful for marketing purposes. You can also find our guide for those who are new to selling gloves, chemical resistance chart, our complete guide to gloves, and a blog with timely and relevant information about the disposable glove industry.

Manage your glove distribution business with AMMEX's Online Portal.

Manage Your Business

We’ve made it easy to access many tools for managing your glove distribution business. You can add account users, addresses in your address book for direct shipment, update and manage payment information, view inventory allocation, review current pricing, place a fast order, and view past orders for tracking and returns, as well as create wish lists for future product purchasing needs.

If you have questions, be sure to contact your AMMEX sales representative. We also will be sharing video tutorials on using the Online Portal with our partners via email.

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