Disposable Glove Market Offers Opportunity (But Don’t Wait)

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As we’ve mentioned in recent weeks, despite overall volatility in global markets, disposable gloves are in a good place.

The first half of 2023 has seen a number of factors pose challenges: threats of recession, interest rate hikes, persistent inflation, and a general sense of dread about the short-term health of the economy (which has, nevertheless, largely remained strong).

Single-use glove prices are much lower than in recent years, and product availability is excellent. There are concerns that product overhang—too much inventory remaining from the pandemic that is proving difficult to clear out—will negatively impact profit.

Don’t sit around, waiting to find out

Will it stay that way through the end of the year and into Q1 of 2024? It’s too early to say definitively, but this market is poised for distributors to succeed now—if they utilize the right tactics. It’s a great time to reach out to customers and set yourself up for success in the remainder of ’23.

First, distributors who focus on a specific market segment tend to fare better. Select a niche and stick with it. Be as precise as possible in targeting customers, get to know their needs, and make sure your service is first rate.

If you’re unsure about nitrile, don’t be

Next, remember that nitrile is truly the glove of the present—and the future. With demand for gloves continually increasing and rising awareness of the importance of hand protection, end users are looking for a be-all, end-all glove. With its superior chemical resistance, puncture resistance, and durability, nitrile has become the most popular choice across numerous industries.

Last but not least, select the right product lineup. For example, AMMEX sells 24 nitrile, latex, vinyl, and poly gloves. Do you need to carry that many? Of course not. Simplifying a catalog with a good-better-best strategy helps distributors sell.

For example, start with a 3-mil nitrile (we recommend BX3, in black), a 5-mil nitrile (GPNB, also black), and an 8-mil nitrile with Raised Diamond Texture (for heavy-duty use, like automotive; choose between high-visibility orange, GWON, and green, GWGN).

No variable is too small for the market

The last three years since the pandemic spread globally have followed a long and often difficult road. The variables affecting the disposable glove market, from production to shipping to domestic transportation, have had an outsized effect. Gloves are a simple product, but the market’s volatility has impacted prices to a great degree.

AMMEX dives deep to uncover, analyze, and track every aspect of the market. We don’t pretend to be prediction experts, but our 35 years of experience allow us to provide our customers with reliable information, clear insights, and outstanding support.

We remain committed to helping our customers buy the right glove for the job and workplace safety through disposable hand protection. Contact us today to start growing your glove sales.

Read more about current market conditions in our Q3 Market Update.

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