Black Nitrile’s Durability, Comfort Is a Great Fit for Food Processing

Packing tomatoes while wearing black nitrile gloves from Gloveworks.

Do your food processing customers tell you they need greater comfort than their current disposable gloves provide? Are they tired of hand fatigue from loose-fitting gloves? Do they want more durability and less concern about rips and punctures?

The solution may be a glove that had not occurred to you: Gloveworks Industrial Black Nitrile Gloves (GPNB).

When it comes to working with food at the most basic levels, from chopping ingredients to assembling meals, vinyl and poly gloves are great. Avoiding cross-contamination is central to any food operation, so frequent glove changes go with the territory. Vinyl and poly’s value-first price points make that possible.

More durable, more comfortable

Many end-users whose food-related work is a bit more demanding, however, prefer a 3-mil nitrile glove, like X3 Industrial Blue Nitrile or BX3 Industrial Black Nitrile. They deliver better fit and comfort as well as the added strength of nitrile.

But if your customer is in a food-processing facility, gloves are likely to be worn longer and be exposed to more demanding conditions. Enter GPNB.

Gloveworks Black Nitrile is typically associated with automotive and other industrial applications rather than with food. The 5-mil thickness is great for working with tools and machinery, and their durability is widely appreciated by the pros who choose them.

These sturdy gloves offer not only tremendous fit, feel, and comfort, but they require fewer changes over the course of a shift. They can stand up to the rigors of a production line and even do double-duty for servicing the equipment.

Black nitrile, available once again

One of AMMEX’s distributor partners from Washington state said that the company’s food processing end-users prefer “mainly nitrile, from 4 to 6 mil. For a while there people were unable to get what they wanted, but now it looks like the market has opened up a bit.”

Another partner, based in Florida, says name recognition matters to his customers, almost all of whom are in food processing. “Gloveworks has a really good name to it,” he says. “People buy your gloves because they know your label works well, and that’s it.”

For day-to-day food service at the restaurant level, vinyl and poly gloves remain the most affordable option; we recommend X3 Industrial Clear Vinyl (GPX3) or X3 Industrial Stretch Hybrid Poly (TEX3) for preparing and plating food.

But for food production lines and packaging facilities, Gloveworks Industrial Black Nitrile Gloves are hard to beat.

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