4 Reasons It’s a Great Time to Be Selling Disposable Gloves

The disposable glove market is in a terrific position. In fact, opportunities for distributing gloves are greater than ever.

Why? Here are four reasons:

The pandemic has not gone away. Although it may not feel like it in the U.S. West—especially in California—colder weather is not far off. That creates more favorable conditions for the coronavirus, which tends to spread faster when temperatures drop.

Does that mean COVID is on the verge of making a comeback? Experts are guardedly optimistic that its spread this fall and winter won’t be as brutal as in the last two years.

Big hopes for latest boosters

With FDA approval of new vaccines for all Americans age 12 and older, the White House is touting those vaccines as a major step in further limiting infections. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention quickly recommended getting the updated boosters before any surges can hit this fall.

Demand will remain high. All that said, the coronavirus and its variants are lingering and expected to become endemic. That means the disease is still around but it’s at a level that is not causing significant disruption in our daily lives—a variation on a seasonal flu that still packs a nasty punch.

Glove industry experts point out that COVID-19 has lifted growth of disposable glove use in terms of demand for the industry. Beyond the immediate surge in demand during the pandemic, the use case for gloves will continue to increase as awareness of health, hygiene, and safety keeps growing.

Supply is in a much better place

Supply issues are largely resolved. The supply chain difficulties of 2020-21, when sourcing gloves seemingly required magical or divine intervention, are behind us. It is much easier to obtain gloves now, and you can achieve high margins with many, especially our Gloveworks nitrile with Raised Diamond Texture in orange, green, black, and royal blue.

Full AMMEX marketing support is back. Start by checking out our Product Toolkit. We have the images and flyers and glove samples and myriad other tools that were also harder to come by during the height of the pandemic. Our online portal has come a long way from a simple site for ordering gloves to a much more sophisticated sales tool that can help you manage your business.

Now is the time to get busy recapturing market share. Industrial glove use is predicted to continue its double-digit growth into 2023 and beyond. COVID created this urgent need, which has settled into an ongoing opportunity to continue growing your glove sales.

Talk to us. We can help

Are you having issues with supply or pricing? Talk to AMMEX. Reach out to Customer Service or to your sales rep. We are still a hands-on company that will always put customers first.

No, it’s not 2020 anymore. The need for gloves is no longer at a fever pitch—but concern for health and hygiene will continue to be important. This is especially true in industries like jan/san, food service and preparation, and others where workers are continually exposed to the general public, like retail and public transit.

It’s important to align yourself with a reliable source of gloves. Are you working with someone who enables you to be prepared for navigating the ups and downs of an often challenging market?

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