Valentine’s Day: For the Love of Food Safety

Did you know economists predict Americans will spend $1.7 billion on candy this Valentine’s Day? That finding comes from the National Retail Federation and indicates a large need for disposable gloves in the food industry as the holiday of love approaches.

In addition to buying their sweethearts stuffed animals and roses, many consumers will sell out for chocolates, candy hearts and other holiday-themed treats. Plus, restaurants across the nation will be packed with couples looking to express their love over a nice meal.

With food processing and food service workers kicking into high gear in the days before and on the holiday, they will need extra gloves for increased production. This can be especially true in restaurants, where many chefs will be finding creative ways to hide engagement rings in desserts.

Food service workers already go through at least 20 pairs of gloves on average for a normal business day, so imagine what they will use on Valentine’s Day. Whether its preparing an array of heart-shaped entrees or packing the billions of conversation hearts the National Confectioner’s Association says manufacturers produce each year, show consumers some love by stocking up on disposable gloves.



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