Tap into Disposable Glove Opportunities in Baseball

It’s Spring and America’s favorite pastime, baseball is in full swing!  For baseball fans everywhere the Major League Baseball season brings back the thrills of home runs on perfectly maintained turfs, tasty concession-stand foods and the fan camaraderie in the bleachers. But when the game ends and the last fans leave, another game starts – hundreds of workers labor overnight to clean up the stadium, restock the concession stands and meticulously groom the field – all before the next baseball game.  The baseball season means revenue opportunities for smart distributors of disposable gloves and barrier protection products. The Opening Day lineup is crucial for a fast start in baseball and in business. Are you ready for an early winning streak this quarter? Tap into disposable glove opportunities in baseball – Three ways you can grow your glove sales with AMMEX.

Concession Stand Food Service 

What is baseball without hot dogs, peanuts, and popcorn? Did you know that the National Hot Dog & Sausage Council (NHDSC),estimates that baseball fans will consume more than 19.4 million hot dogs this year at stadiums across the country?  To avoid contamination, concession stand food service workers need disposable gloves to handle hot dogs and other foods at the concession stand.  Food service gloves such as loose-fitting poly gloves or polyethylene gloves are ideal since they easy to don and doff when switching between tasks or even between customers. Another popular choice for food service employees are vinyl gloves which are ideal in cases where greater dexterity is needed, closer-fitting vinyl gloves come in handy.  In the food service industry, workers on average use up to 20 pairs of disposable gloves per day.  But consider the food service velocity in a baseball stadium and imagine the possibilities for increased sales with poly and vinyl food service gloves.

An average baseball hot dog vendor sells about 150 hot dogs per game and 10,000 to 12,000 hot dogs per season. How many disposable gloves will an average baseball food vendor need?”


Most of the time, fans only see groundskeepers resetting the field during the seventh inning stretch, or scrambling to cover the field during a sudden rain storm. However, a great deal of work goes into maintaining that field when players and spectators are absent.  Most fields are still made of grass rather than AstroTurf, which means groundskeepers must maintain it on a day-to-day basis.   Did you know that you can earn a college degree in Turfgrass Management, a Master’s degree, and a Ph.D.?  There’s a lot of work involved in maintaining a sports field than most people would imagine. To keep a fresh green appearance, groundskeepers apply pesticides and other chemicals that could irritate or damage hands of workers.

Disposable nitrile gloves such as AMMEX Heavy Duty Orange Nitrile provide a protective barrier against chemicals and are still strong enough to protect from other irritants. In other situations, like removing thorny plants from the field, groundskeepers may need a more heavy-duty work glove like nitrile dipped or latex dipped work gloves. Tap into disposable glove opportunities in baseball – Opportunities are everywhere, from nitrile and latex disposable gloves for tasks on the turf to nitrile and latex dipped work gloves for tougher groundskeeping jobs.

JanSan Cleanup Crew

Once the crowds leave, another crowd descends on the stadium – janitorial and sanitation crews work overnight to clean up after thousands of fans. According to data from Business Insider, the average MLB ballpark is 2.49 acres, or more than 100,000 square feet, which provide endless opportunities for disposable nitrile, vinyl, and latex gloves.  All in all, cleaning up a stadium is hard work, and it is not only the seats that need attention. Janitorial staff also need to attend to bathrooms and hallways, while concession staff scrub and sanitize their areas for the night. All of these activities require disposable gloves of varying thicknesses. In the janitorial and sanitation industry employees use gloves for various reasons, including protection from harsh chemicals and pathogens. Additionally, they use an average of 15 pairs per day but consider the magnitude of the crowds and surface space in baseball stadiums.

“The average capacity of the top 20 baseball stadiums is 40,000 fans.”  How many disposable gloves are needed to clean up after that crowd?”

Janitorial staff commonly use strong cleaning chemicals in the line of duty. Glass and metal cleaners that include hydrofluoric acid, nitrilotriacetate, and phosphoric acid could cause burns or irritation if proper protective barrier such as heavy duty nitrile gloves is not worn. Bleach is one of the most common cleaning chemicals but it is also highly corrosive to the skin.  In the janitorial and sanitation industry vinyl disposable gloves, are another good option because they are economically priced but still generally provide enough chemical resistance. Vinyl gloves protect hands against hydrofluoric, phosphoric and 10 percent concentrated nitric acids. Nitrile gloves provide even greater chemical resistance and are less likely to tear.  With the potential for vinyl, nitrile and latex glove sales, distributors do not want to miss out on the many sales opportunities in the Jan-san industry.

Disposable glove sales opportunity is everywhere including baseball stadiums – from food service workers, janitorial and sanitation crews’ and groundskeepers – Tap into disposable glove opportunities in baseball and grow your glove sales with AMMEX.  Become an AMMEX Distributor today!  If you are already a distributor, speak with your dedicated sales representative to discover the advantages of our Sales Acceleration Solution®.  Stay informed on industry trends by following us on Facebook.

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