Surprising Tips for Using Disposable Gloves in the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where countless good times are shared over family dinners and where important conversations often take place as meals are prepared.  We cook, eat, entertain, and just hang out in the kitchen.  The kitchen is not only the heart of the home it is also the mission control for a lot of home tasks.  Home tasks require the right tools to complete the job. In fact, disposable gloves are ideal for many home use tasks, especially in the kitchen. Beyond cleaning tasks, consider these surprising tips for using disposable gloves in the kitchen.


Stop the Burn

Disposable gloves in the kitchen are a smart way to protect your hands from burning when cutting Jalapeños or any hot peppers. Most people associate jalapeño peppers with the burning sensation in the mouth when eating the pepper. However, just as unpleasant is the jalapeño skin burn that you can get from simply touching the pepper during food preparation. The burn from jalapeño pepper is caused by the chemical capsaicin that is naturally found in the pepper.  Food-safe disposable gloves such as AMMEX GlovePlus Vinyl Powdered Gloves creates a barrier of protection, stopping the burn before it starts.  Vinyl is ideal for safety and hygiene for a variety of kitchen tasks. Featuring powder on the inside of the glove, and a beaded cuff at the base, this glove is easy to don, even if your hands are damp. The powder makes the glove more comfortable, and will absorb sweat when you’re working in the kitchen.


Separating the Yolk

Separating an egg yolk from the white is one of the most universally dreaded kitchen tasks out there. Most cooks prefer using their hands or the egg’s own shell to separate them. For those who don’t like getting messy, and want to practice safe food handling, wearing disposable gloves such as AMMEX GPX3 Vinyl is the perfect solution.  This single-use vinyl glove features a smooth polymer coating, so it is easy to switch gloves when you need a fresh pair.  Not only is vinyl cheaper than latex and nitrile, but it features a more generous fit because vinyl is less stretchy. The PVC vinyl material also features excellent tactile sensitivity and is ideal for food tasks in the kitchen.


Make the Salad

Another surprising tip for using disposable gloves in the kitchen is for salad making.  Most chefs will agree that the best tool you can use for mixing salad is your hands. Using disposable gloves in the kitchen makes food preparation less messy and safer for you and your family. Using your gloved hands to toss the salad allows air to get into the mix and incorporates the ingredients in a more distributed way. Drizzle your dressing along the walls of your bowl, then lightly toss your greens with your gloved hands, until the dressing is evenly distributed. There’s no need to wash your hands after your food prep is done!


Guard Against Strong Food Odors

Onions, garlic and seafood are a few good reasons to don disposable gloves in the kitchen. Sometimes after handling these foods, even multiple hand washing will not remove lingering food odors from hands.  GlovePlus Blue Vinyl is an ideal disposable glove choice when handling food with strong odors. Vinyl gloves contain no latex proteins, so those allergic or sensitive to latex can work safely and comfortably. In work environments, they are commonly used for food service, janitorial, and plumbing applications – making these vinyl gloves a general purpose disposable glove at work and home.


Get Unstuck

Disposable gloves are an essential tool in the kitchen, especially when it comes to opening tight lids on jars.  Nitrile gloves such as  AMMEX Heavy Duty Orange Nitrile Disposable Gloves feature, 60% more surface area than a standard nitrile glove and over 3000 raised diamonds per glove for incredible grip!  Lightly grab hold of the lid and twist, the disposable glove gives you more gripping power and will open the lid with ease.  This heavy duty nitrile glove also features excellent chemical resistance from common chemicals and is ideal for cleaning jobs in the kitchen when exposure to cleaning products is of concern.

Barrier Protection from Foodborne Illness

These surprising tips for using disposable gloves in the kitchen, not only save time and minimize messy tasks they also provide a barrier of protection from foodborne illness.  According to the CDC, there are more than 250 different foodborne illnesses. Each year, one in six Americans get sick from contaminated foods or beverages.  Foodborne illness is a common, yet preventable, health problem. Keep a 100 box count of disposable gloves in your kitchen drawer, such as AMMEX AntiMicrobial Vinyl Gloves which contains an antimicrobial agent to help inhibit the growth of microorganisms. It is powder-free so it leaves no residue, reducing the risk of contamination compared to a powdered glove. Disposable gloves help prevent foodborne illness and help make clean up a snap.

Regardless of your tasks at home, have a box of disposable gloves on hand in the kitchen to make food preparation safer, cleaner, and quicker.  When choosing the right glove for the right job in the kitchen, make sure that the gloves are deemed food safe.  If latex allergies are of concern, then nitrile, vinyl, or poly disposable gloves are alternative choices, since they contain no allergy-causing natural rubber.  For all of your disposable glove needs in the kitchen and around the home, count on AMMEX disposable gloves and barrier protection products.



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