How the AMMEX Philosophy Leads to Success

Have you ever wondered how some companies seem to effortlessly maintain a culture of high quality and hard work? The truth is, it is not entirely effortless. To a certain extent, producing great products and achieving long-lasting success is all about maintaining a routine, establishing the right belief system and holding staff accountable.

At AMMEX, our business philosophy is a core part of what we do. Following an established set of principles is one of the ways we have been named to the Puget Sound Business Journal “Top 100 Fastest Growing, Privately Held Companies” a grand total of eight times. How do we do it? We all strive to be great employees every day, and we hold one another accountable for this goal. Here is a closer look at how we approach each day here at AMMEX:
Our core ideologies
AMMEX stands by four core ideologies as an integral part of our day-to-day operations.
  • We are aggressive in pursuing opportunities: If something is worth doing, it is worth doing right. If we see an opportunity, we will go after it with everything we have got.
  • We are consistent in products and processes: Consistency is the key to success. Figure out the best way and repeat the process.
  • We are approachable and a pleasure to do business with: People like to work with partners they like, so we aim to make the most of every interaction.
  • We believe that simple is good: Why build a complicated process? Keep it simple and do it right.

Morning huddles
The huddle was introduced in football as a way to make brief contact before a strategic play. Not surprisingly, many companies have adapted this idea to business as well, and AMMEX is one of them. Football and business are a lot alike. In football, every player has a unique role in the play that follows. Business is the same way. Taking a moment each day to huddle is our way of making sure the day goes smoothly and everyone knows how his or her role contributes to the bottom line. We take this time to share important numbers and metrics and any other communications

“Achievement is easier when you set measurable goals.”

Reporting and visibility
It is hard to maintain a truly high quality business without transparency. We value transparency and communication at AMMEX, so we give all employees real-time access to sales, revenue and gross profit numbers. We also have this information moving on LCD screens in our sales pits where everyone sees them. This way, everyone knows he or she is part of one team and are striving toward the same goals.

Setting goals
Achievement is easier when you set measurable goals. At AMMEX, we set the “AMMEX Top 5″ objectives for each year and within that year, the “Top 3″ goals for each quarter. Furthermore, each AMMEX employee has his or her own three objectives each quarter that align to those set by the business. That is quite a few goals! But setting these targets helps us focus on results and lets each employee know his or her actions have a positive impact on the business. Ultimately, every employee contributes to AMMEX’s success.

We believe in our culture of honesty and hard work, and it has helped us grow together since 1988. Success is not just about revenue growth; it is about setting goals, remaining accountable and aiming to grow together.


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