Halloween Spirit: Black and Orange Nitrile Gloves

October is a spooky time, but it’s also a lot of fun.  According to National Retail Federation, more than 157 million Americans plan to celebrate Halloween this year, and nearly 44 percent are planning on dressing up. While kids are having fun putting on costumes, making crafts and gorging themselves on chocolate, most adults still have to get in a solid day’s work. Luckily, a pair of AMMEX Gloveworks Heavy Duty Orange Nitrile Gloves or AMMEX GlovePlus Black Nitrile Gloves can remind staff of the holiday while they perform their daily tasks.

Halloween colors
Employers, from offices to medical care centers, deck the halls with orange and black to celebrate Halloween. AMMEX can help you take your holiday spirit one step further. How? Black and orange nitrile gloves! These gloves may not be as frightening as ghosts and vampires, but they can certainly help employees get into the spirit of Halloween. Whether you are working with heavy machinery or in an exam room, black and orange nitrile gloves can bring a spirited reminder of Halloween everywhere you go!

The orange color doesn’t just call to mind Halloween – its bright visibility helps keep staff safe in darker environments (or when prowling dark streets). On the other hand, an additional benefit of GlovePlus Black Nitrile Gloves is they don’t show dirt and grime, giving the wearer a more professional appearance. Employees can mix and match the colors for the fullest Halloween effect.

Toughness and durability
Both pairs of gloves have three times the puncture resistance of latex with greater elasticity than vinyl. They also conform closely to the hand once they have reached body temperature, giving wearers a more comfortable fit. Spending too much money on disposable gloves is also a frightening prospect for employers, but with greater durability, workers won’t have to change their gloves as often, which means spending fewer dollars on replacements. Finally, there’s nothing scarier than a latex allergy. With nitrile gloves, employees don’t need to worry about coming in contact with latex proteins that could cause a reaction.

Terrifying texture
Nitrile gloves have a raised texture that gives a sturdy grip in wet and dry conditions. Whether you’re bobbing for apples or handing out candy bars (or dealing with industrial chemicals), objects will be secure in workers’ hands.  With black and orange nitrile gloves, Halloween can be a fun and safe holiday for everyone.

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