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By 2024, disposable glove revenue is expected to exceed $8 billion. As more industries require the use of gloves, workers in the automotive, janitorial and sanitation, and industrial markets are using large quantities of this product on a daily basis. This presents a big opportunity for wholesale distributors to add a recurring sale to their monthly profits

With variations in material, thickness, finish, and grade, there are dozens of options to choose from. However, not every glove is right for your application and industry. These nuances can make it difficult for sales representatives to make accurate product recommendations to customers.

Wendy Grantham.jpg“I’m in sales and I think any salesperson would agree
that we tend to sell what we know.
When you feel like an expert in your products, selling them becomes easy.”

Wendy Grantham, Glove Academy Professor 

Help your team become disposable glove experts with the first course in our new webinar series: Glove Academy. Armed with knowledge, your sales representatives will be able to grow sales and add continuous revenue to your company’s bottom line.

Wendy is a results-driven sales superstar with 20 years of experience in the disposable glove industry. As an AMMEX Sales Manager, she focuses on coaching, mentoring, and training AMMEX partners in the nuances of disposable gloves. Watch the live recording today!

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