AMMEX Celebrates 30 Years

In 1988, an entrepreneurial 24-year-old law student recognized the rising need for barrier protection in the United States. Fred Crosetto started AMMEX with a vision of becoming an international leader in health, hygiene, and safety.

Thirty years later, we continue to pursue opportunities for growth for our partners and employees. Some of our team members have been with us since the very beginning. Others enthusiastically joined at the start of our digital transformation.

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Fred Crosetto, CEO, and Keyo Gold, President.
Gold was named AMMEX North America’s first president in 2014.

“This business is successful because of the people we have,” President Keyo Gold says. “They want to do the best they can. They’re not status quo. They’re not a cog in a wheel. We have a really strong team.”

No matter when they joined us, we owe our success and the success of our partners to the AMMEX team. This year, as part of our anniversary celebrations, we are taking time to recognize the hardworking people of our global team.

“When you partner with AMMEX, you get a committed team who is accountable and love to win,” Gold says. “We’re not just looking to be successful for ourselves. We truly want the people we work with to be successful as well. We feel passionate about that.”

Take a look at the 2017 highlights below and follow us on social media as we spotlight our employees throughout the next
few months.


A few members of AMMEX USA.
Nothing says high fashion like matching polo shirts.


Members of the AMMEX China team celebrating
the Mid-Autumn Festival with traditional mooncakes.


The AMMEX Digital Marketing Team.
Testing the quality of our products is frequently a hands-on job.

Members of the AMMEX Philippines team visited
the U.S. for a session with sales coach Jack Daly.

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