Get Your Wholesale Business Set-up on LinkedIn

How do you position your wholesale business on the Internet? There are a ton of places to be online these days. Agencies would have you believe that you must be everywhere to succeed with digital marketing. They’re wrong, however—you only need to be in as many places as your target audience is. Does your target audience use Pinterest? If not, you don’t need to be there.

We’re willing to bet that your customers are on LinkedIn. As a social media platform, it offers the most returns to B2B companies looking to connect with their customers. Wholesalers should pay attention to this platform.

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New AMMEX App – Carry Our Catalog Everywhere!

At AMMEX, we’re dedicated to helping our customers grow their glove sales. We stand behind our wholesale distributors with premium products, outstanding service, competitive prices, and proven marketing support.

The newest addition to that toolkit of support is our free AMMEX App, now available for Android at Google Play and for iOS at Apple’s App Store.

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Let’s Do Food Safety Month Right!

Food safety is a concern for everyone in the food service industry. Turn on any television and you’re likely to hear reports of a product recall or foodborne illness outbreak. Walk into any restroom in a food service operation, and one of the first things you’ll notice is the hand washing sign. While it may seem as if hand washing is the main aspect of food safety, it’s only a small piece of it.

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Improve Your Inventory Management Processes, Skyrocket Your Success

If inventory is the lifeblood of a wholesale distribution company, then the inventory management process is its circulatory system. Inventory management systems pull in products from suppliers and push them out to customers. Benchmarking your inventory process is a bit like a wellness exam.  So how would your company do?

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for Wholesalers and Distributors

As distribution business models continue to evolve, many wholesalers are discovering that enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions are a vital part of their strategy to keep pace with changing industry demands. Outdated ERP systems often deliver limited functionality and prevent organizations from improving collaboration and efficiency through a lack of integration with other critical systems. However, there are newer solutions that are good alternatives to on-premise ERP—developed specifically to facilitate differentiation, promote growth, and prepare a distribution business for the future.

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Inventory Management Practices That Are Hurting Your Bottom Line

Why Do We Keep Executing Bad Inventory Management Practices?

Wholesale distribution is an industry that has been around for a long time. That means a lot of the “best practices” reflect a less technology-filled era. Wholesale distributors face more innovation than ever, and the future favors those who embrace new tools, techniques, and technologies. Those who don’t will likely become obsolete, like some of the out-of-season inventory sitting in their warehouses.

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