My Life as a Hand Model

Hello, my name is Donna and I’m an international hand model.

“A hand model? Really?”

Yes – really.

When a disposable glove company insists on taking this many close-up hand shots of their product, did you assume there was a lifeless mannequin on the outskirts of the camera? No. I’m a real life hand model.

Honestly, my role at AMMEX is complicated. Beyond crafting the perfect hand pose to best display disposable gloves, I support our team in a variety of other ways. My skills include onsite testing (obviously) and advanced pun development. Between glamorous hand shots, I’m a floating glove fairy helping out the AMMEX Digital Marketing team. You’ve probably seen a few of my brilliant ideas floating across our social media platforms.

Hand modeling may not seem very glamorous, but I get to travel the world! We’re an international company and I’ve modeled products from Seattle, Washington all the way to Beijing, China. Also, this company knows that I am a fantastic asset. First of all, no one can make nitrile disposable gloves look as good as I can. More importantly, my hands lend our sales team a fantastic first impression when speaking to clients. I mean this literally! I am often called upon to accompany representatives to fancy client meetings and other engagements.

Truly, I love the contrast of soft aesthetics and dirty jobs. It’s one of the reasons I signed with AMMEX in the first place. Disposable gloves might not be the most interesting product to model. But all the ways they are used and the variety of professions impacted by their need is what really fascinates me.

Of course I yearn for my true shot at fame! Behind the close-ups is a sweet aspiring full-body model with big dreams. For now, I’m happy at AMMEX! My life is amazing and glamorous. Don’t believe me? Now is your chance to find out what a week in the life of a hand model is like!

This week I’m taking over the AMMEX Instagram and showing you what it’s like to be a hand model. Follow us @youneedgloves to join the fun!

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