Market Your Wholesale Business Through Great LinkedIn Content

97% of B2B marketers who use social media also use LinkedIn for content marketing. That’s according to the Content Marketing Institute’s latest B2B benchmark report. Content marketing as a whole works very well for B2B companies. Why? Because your B2B customers are people too. They have questions about the products they’re choosing to buy and sell, and they want to know the people they’re buying from.

Using LinkedIn for content marketing for your wholesale business is a particularly good move. Marketers find it 277% more effective for lead generation than other platforms. Yes, more effective than Facebook and Twitter.

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Building a LinkedIn Network

After creating your LinkedIn profile and setting up your company’s page, you need to focus on building a high-quality LinkedIn network. One of the biggest advantages to connecting with your customers on LinkedIn is that there are limited distractions. LinkedIn users come to the platform in a business mindset. People don’t share cat videos on LinkedIn, and if they do, they’re usually tying it to promoting their business.

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Get Your Wholesale Business Set-up on LinkedIn

How do you position your wholesale business on the Internet? There are a ton of places to be online these days. Agencies would have you believe that you must be everywhere to succeed with digital marketing. They’re wrong, however—you only need to be in as many places as your target audience is. Does your target audience use Pinterest? If not, you don’t need to be there.

We’re willing to bet that your customers are on LinkedIn. As a social media platform, it offers the most returns to B2B companies looking to connect with their customers. Wholesalers should pay attention to this platform.

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Improve Your Inventory Management Processes, Skyrocket Your Success

If inventory is the lifeblood of a wholesale distribution company, then the inventory management process is its circulatory system. Inventory management systems pull in products from suppliers and push them out to customers. Benchmarking your inventory process is a bit like a wellness exam.  So how would your company do?

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Inventory Management Practices That Are Hurting Your Bottom Line

Why Do We Keep Executing Bad Inventory Management Practices?

Wholesale distribution is an industry that has been around for a long time. That means a lot of the “best practices” reflect a less technology-filled era. Wholesale distributors face more innovation than ever, and the future favors those who embrace new tools, techniques, and technologies. Those who don’t will likely become obsolete, like some of the out-of-season inventory sitting in their warehouses.

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