Harry Rogers: The New AMMEX Safety Guy

Communicating your safety plan effectively is arguably just as important as having a plan to begin with. Without efficient communication, knowledge of risks will do nothing to mitigate them. I’ve always been fascinated with taking information and communicating it in a way that’s easily digestible; that’s why I joined the AMMEX blog writing team. I’m Harry Rogers – AMMEX’s new Chief Safety Writer. I’m here to do the in-depth research on workplace hazards so you don’t have to.

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#NotWithoutGloves: The Danger of Dry Cleaning Chemicals

We host our annual #NotWithoutGloves social media contest for several reasons: to have a bit of fun with our followers and to highlight the need for disposable glove use. While many contest submissions focus on dirty jobs and rank substances no one chooses to touch without gloves, there are more dangerous substances that require disposable gloves – chemicals. Workers in the dry cleaning industry need to be particularly careful as they come into frequent contact with a harsh chemical called perchloroethylene.

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