7 Steps to Increase Wholesale Revenue from Ancillary Products

In a global economy that is always shifting, how can you guide your wholesale distribution company toward continuous growth? The answer may be hiding in the back of your catalog. Ancillary products have the potential to generate tens of thousands of dollars in continuous revenue from new and existing customers. Use these 7 steps to narrow in on this opportunity and start boosting your sales today.

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How to Choose the Best Social Media Platform for Wholesale Marketing

You have an incredible opportunity to grow your business with social media. Using your website as a foundation, you can use it to amplify your other marketing efforts and drive your business into the digital era. After learning about the impact social media can have on your marketing, you’ve decided to jump in and start giving your wholesale business a voice. But where do you start? Whether you have already begun posting on your company Facebook account or you do not have a single social media platform attached to your business’ name, the first step to a successful social media marketing strategy is to focus your efforts on a single platform. Even if you already have a dozen business profiles set up on social media, now is a good time to reevaluate your strategy. Choosing the best social media platform for your unique business will ensure that you are reaching the right audience and that you can keep up with a regular posting schedule: the two most important things to consider when building your strategy.

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Hazards in the Automotive Industry: Auto Shop Chemicals

Randy Bigness worked as an auto mechanic for years without much concern for his health. He was frequently fatigued, but he figured most mechanics got tired from working hard. Getting sick often also seemed like a common consequence of the profession he was in. It wasn’t until he started to develop more severe infections and his body started refusing antibiotics for treatment that he thought something else might be wrong.

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The Dangers of Nail Salons

It has been more than a week since Sara went back to work at her small nail salon in North Seattle. After experiencing her fourth miscarriage, she took the time off to grieve. The other technicians she works with are sympathetic upon her arrival; Ms. Otavalo at the front desk lost her would-be third child last spring. Monica is mother to a three-year-old son who is developmentally behind in every way. These are not isolated incidents: nail technicians in every state have been speaking up about their failing health and how it is affecting their families.

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How to: Remove Pet Hair from Clothing and Furniture

Most pet owners love their furry friends but may not be as fond of the hair the animals leave behind on fabric. Pet hair clings to furniture and clothing. If guests are visiting for a dinner party, a hair-covered couch does not present the most inviting space, especially if someone has allergies. Pet hair is also a hassle when it sticks to work clothing, since it’s not very professional to show up to work wearing your cat!

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Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide – Including Checklist

Every year spring rolls around and we all know it’s the best time of year to make our homes clean and organized. But sometimes it’s incredibly hard to get started! We all begin with lofty ambitions but life can frequently get in the way of completing those spring cleaning goals. To stay on track, we have crafted the Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide to get you started.

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